On My Mind…

  • I thought maternity leave would mean loads of time to blog, read, craft… yeah. That doesn’t happen. I spend my days feeding the baby, snuggling the baby, watching the baby sleep (so much time wasted cherished doing that one), and then cleaning and cooking. I do spent a fair amount of time on Pinterest looking up recipes though. Because breastfeeding makes my crazy hungry!!
  • Why aren’t us women fighting for better maternity leave? 12 weeks, unpaid? Yeah, okay. I’m a working mama for a reason. My family relies on my income. I can’t afford 12 weeks with no pay. So next week, I’ll be going back to work part-time… Ugh.
  • Danny’s been watching Game of Thrones and ya know what? I hate Game of Thrones. There. I said it. It is just waaaaay too violent for me, says the squeamish old lady.
  • It’s rude and unprofessional to quit a job without giving a two week (AT LEAST) notice. Cowardly to just walk out.
  • Baby Leg Warmers are adorable. (See below) I need to make more for Garrett ASAP.

(I’ve been making some for my Etsy shop. Check them out.)

  • Mug cakes are my new favorite thing to eat ever. I’ve made them like three times recently, and I’d make one RIGHT NOW but I am out of cocoa. Also great? The reason why I’m out of cocoa. Skinny Peanut Butter Brownies. OMG. Actually, those might be my actual favorite thing to eat ever. Or Chips Ahoy with peanut butter. Basically anything chocolate and peanut butter. In my mouth. Now.
  • I’m hungry.