Here We Go Again

So, once again, I am starting a new blog. Will I actually blog for real this time, and stick with it? Hard to say. But a few of my friends are getting back into it (or, never left. Pat on the back to YOU guys.) So of course, I want to be a part of the cool kid club. And I have things to say, ya’ll!

Some of you may know, I was sporadically blogging on my blogger account until quite recently. But I’ve decided to make a move to WordPress. Why? One reason, and one reason alone – password protected posting. I needs it. Not that I don’t love you guys and want to share all of my life with you always, it’s just that…. well, I don’t love ALL of you guys and want to share all of my life with you always. Sorry.

For real though. Chances are, anyone who has the desire to read this blog will have no issue whatsoever with the things I have to say. BUT. There are some people out there who might. And I’d just rather not have those people read these things. Mostly, it’s things I’d like to vent about and maybe get some feedback on from people, but it’s too lengthy of topics to post on twitter. Really, that’s about it. Also possibly some things about my job (doubtful) and quite possibly some things about babies that not everyone might want to hear about. I’m totally aware that most people who find me online are cricket folk, and I’m fine with that. I don’t want to be a private blogger. I’m okay with being in the public eye. But I know that people who are looking for cricket related stuff prrrrrrrobably don’t want to read about childbirth and breastfeeding and that sort of thing. So rather than keep a mommy blog and a more casual blog, I’ll just password protect *those* posts so no one who doesn’t want to read them will by accident. Sound good? Hope so, cause it sounds good to me!